Autumn Statement 2022

Our tax specialists from across Xeinadin Group have come together to create a commentary on today’s Autumn Statement from the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

This was a much-trailed Autumn Statement – designed to calm markets and provide a direction of travel that, in the Chancellor’s words, concentrated on the mantra of “Stability, Growth and Public Services”.

The messaging, from the political perspective, may focus on there being few tax rises but as our specialists note, the freezing of tax thresholds brings more tax into the equation for the government as do the reductions to thresholds around Capital Gains Tax and Higher Rate Bands.

As business advisers we work with our clients to ensure their longer-term stability and potential for growth – we are more than your accountant, we are your trusted adviser.

As we consider the ramification of today’s Autumn Statement, we’ll not just comment on what has changed but look to the positive steps organisations could look to benefit from – improving their bottom line and cash flow as we move into more uncertain times ahead.

You can read the headlines and the full commentary on the Xeinadin blog HERE.

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