Kalaani School in Kenya – An Update

As part of the Elman Wall Xeinadin Group CSR initiatives, we partnered with Just a Drop, focusing on raising money for the Kalaani School project in Kenya.

We are happy to share an update with our readers, colleagues and peers, as many have supported our fundraising efforts. We also wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for sponsoring our walks, bake sales, paddleboard races, and everything in between because with your help we are able to make this happen.

Whilst the community is working hard to mobilise the materials for the school tank build, Just a Drop has been able to work with the students at the school to provide Child Hygiene and Sanitation Training (CHAST). This approach uses a range of exercises and educational games to teach children about the links between personal hygiene and health.

They’ve also supported the school to elect a School Health Club. Led by a teacher, the members of the Health Club become ambassadors of handwashing, encouraging their peers to wash their hands after using the bathroom and before eating, whilst also leading peer-to-peer learning sessions.

The Health Club has also received Soap Making Training – learning how to make a sustainable supply of soap from locally sourced materials.

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