EW Covid-19 Business & Finance Update Webinar: The July Update

After three very successful webinars that brought together so many of our clients and friends, we have arranged our 4th webinar focusing on recovery in the travel industry, scheduled for shortly after the next Government announcements regarding quarantine.
We are grateful that so many of you (well over 1000 in total) have tuned in to our previous webinars and with each month’s passing we see more and more engaged and focused conversations and helpful advice being given to everyone. We are all in this together.
The next session will be, yet again, predominantly for our Travel Industry clients and friends and you are invited to join us, at a special  Covid-19 Zoom Conference on Thursday 2 July at 14:00.
We are delighted to have two special guests on the call:
    • The eminent travel broadcaster and journalist Simon Calder will be sharing his views on the Great British Public’s return to holidaying.
    • George Morgan-Grenville, founder of the Quash Quarantine campaign will be back to give us an update on the Campaign and next steps following the 1st Quarantine Review.
You will then hear from our 3 Wise Men: John De Vial (Director of Membership and Financial Services, ABTA), Clive Wratten (CEO, Business Travel Association) and Joss Croft (CEO, UKInbound) who will give you a broader understanding of the wide-ranging challenges that need to be solved before the recovery of your own business can happen.
Once again we will be given expert analysis from a few friends of the firm supplementing our own tax, banking, VAT, HR and commercial experiences, as we all try to work out what our futures and return to “normality” look like.
We will aim to wrap the meeting up around 16:45 but will probably go on a little longer because there is always so much to discuss. Those who have attended before will understand!

Register HERE

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