Today’s Budget Key Points

70 days ago, we welcomed in the new decade with optimism and hope for the year ahead. What a difference 70 days can make.
Today, the new Chancellor Rishi Sunak, only 4 weeks into his role, announced emergency provisions in the Budget to support businesses affected by the threat of the COVID-19 virus, or perhaps more accurately, the fear of the threat.
And this follows the announcement earlier this morning that the Bank of England has reduced the rate of borrowing, as an emergency response to this threat, to an historic low of 0.25%.
The global and UK crisis will blow over, but the coming weeks and months will be uncertain and challenging for the vast majority of businesses until normality reigns again.
The team at Elman Wall wanted to convey our best wishes to your continued health and that of your business. We are all in this together and stand shoulder to shoulder with you.
We are here to help, support and advise our many clients and contacts as best we can. Whether you want an industry perspective or specific advice around aspects such as cash flow preservation, HR policies or restructuring, help is only a call away.
And in a nod to our thousands of tourism industry friends, we back the #KeepCalmTravelOn campaign.

Read the Elman Wall Tax Team Budget Summary HERE

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Elman Wall Tax Team on 020 7600 5667 or alternatively, email Russell Eisen on

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