Summit Advisory Sells Rob Roy Tours to Travel Europe

Following hot on the heels of its sale of Mickledore Travel to KE Adventures (parent company  Voyageurs du Monde) in December 2018, Summit Advisory, Elman Wall’s M&A arm,  completed yet another successful British travel business sale to a major European tour operator. Rob Roy Tours was sold to Austrian group tours specialist, Travel Europe, later in December.

man on a hike, travel, sunset

Rob Roy Tours is a Scottish based DMC and B2B inbound operator.

Upon successful completion of the sale, Klaus Frommel, founder of Rob Roy Tours stated:

I am delighted to be working with Travel Europe – a hugely impressive major travel business which still retains a family ethos’.  He went on to add:

‘I could not have been more impressed with the services of Summit Advisory. And everyone at Elman Wall Travel Accountants. Everything was done so professionally. Deborah, I thought I could talk and drive a deal only until I heard you negotiating. I can talk a lot and sell but you master the art of narrowing the talking down exactly to what is needed. Gaby thank you for all your research and compiling data keeping things on track. It has always been very much a pleasure to speak to you.  Jonathan, thank you for all your great support too. Parul, you must have a hard job keeping enterprisingly thinking business owners happy and at the same time safe. Thank you. The same goes out to Karen. Thank you.’

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