Are you confident that your VAT position is optimal? What about TOMS? Could there be a better position? Do you have any risks? Might you be overpaying VAT?

We know that VAT doesn’t always top the agenda, and that businesses may not have time and resources to conduct in-depth VAT reviews. However, from our recent VAT study in the travel industry, it is clear that there are opportunities for businesses to save VAT and minimise risk.

With this in mind, we have created a cost-effective VAT Healthcheck to help identify key opportunities and risks for your business.


Our Travel VAT Healthcheck

Our Travel VAT Healthcheck will take you through the key questions for VAT based on your business activities, as well as covering general areas of VAT that can go unnoticed. Our aim is to give you comfort and reassurance on your VAT treatment, and to help you optimise your VAT position.

This service includes:

  • A consultation (which may be either face-to-face or by telephone) of 1-2 hours to chat through our tailored Healthcheck.
  • A written summary of our findings and whether there are any opportunities or risks identified.
  • Recommendations and guidance on next steps if opportunities or risks are identified.

Our fixed fee for this Healthcheck is £500 plus VAT, with a 20% discount to existing Elman Wall clients.


This Healthcheck is an effective way to help your business optimise its VAT position without the large investment in time and cost often required for an in-depth VAT review.

Please contact Laura Quirke on 020 7600 5667 or to book your healthcheck today!

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