Elman Wall has published the results of the ‘Exploring Travel VAT’ – Elman Wall’s first survey and study into VAT in the travel and events industries. With over 200 responses from businesses in the industry, what will you take from the findings?

We know from our many dealings across the industry that there is much diversity, uncertainty and complexity with VAT… What is TOMS? It doesn’t work for me – can I avoid it? Can I optimise it? How do I act as agent Instead? What’s the deal with wholesale travel? How is VAT paid on commissions? What about event management services? We wanted to ensure that we understand the VAT issues within the industry widely and fully, to assist the industry as best as we can, and to provide you with the tools to manage VAT effectively!


Should you wish to discuss any aspect of the report, feel free to contact Laura Quirke, Senior VAT Manager, on 020 7600 5667 or on Laura.Quirke@elmanwall.co.uk

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