Elman Wall, the Travel Accountants, is delighted to announce that our firm has been approved as a Licensed Practice for ATOL Reporting under the new CAA ATOL Reporting Accountants (ARA) Scheme which comes into effect after March 2016 renewals.

From 1 April 2016, all ATOL Accountant Reports submitted to the CAA must be signed by a licensed ATOL Reporting Accountant. Our licence has been granted by the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales), our accountancy regulatory body, in conjunction with the CAA. Furthermore, directors Ian Palmer, Yasin Khandwalla and Jonathan Wall have all been recognised individually as licensed practitioners, enabling them to sign the ATOL Accountant Reports.

The CAA designed the new ARA scheme to improve and ensure competent and accurate ATOL reporting and to make certain that accountants of ATOL holders are sufficiently knowledgeable about the Travel Industry, as well as the specific requirements of the ATOL Scheme.

‘As we have over 100 clients holding ATOL licences, it was important for us to be in the first batch of firms to be licensed as an ARA, and, indeed, we may have been the very first accredited firm in the UK’ says Jonathan Wall, Managing Director.

‘Following the new accreditation process, we are pleased to be able to provide all of our ATOL holder clients with the comfort that we, as their auditors and accountants, are fully approved and licensed and so can continue from April to sign their ATOL Accountant Reports and help them deal with their travel regulatory responsibilities’ he added.

As every ATOL holder and their accountant, without exception, will be affected by the ATOL Reporting Accountant Scheme from 1 April, please contact Jonathan, Ian, or Yasin on 020 7600 5667 or email travel@elmanwall.co.uk for help or further information.

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